Security, Compliance and Access control


High resolution, motion detecting cameras monitor the outside perimeter of the NetRiver building and supporting facilities. In addition, 24/7 onsite security guards monitor the outside camera surveillance system and patrol the facility.

Access Control

NetRiver customers are issued specific proximity cards, biometric signatures and individual keys and/or combination locks. Upon entering the site, customer access is authenticated directly by NetRiver personnel at the primary access point. Once granted access into the mantrap, a customer will use their fingerprint and proximity card to gain access to the data center floor. Combination and keyed racks present the final access control. Once inside, customers are also monitored within the facility via an infrared and motion detecting camera system.

Access groups are broken into Administrative contacts and Technical contacts for tiered decision-making and access control. Individual keys to each cabinet are provided for authorized personnel. Alternatively, NetRiver also provides custom suites with specific proximity cards, access codes and biometric access controls. Current security requirements are in effect for clientele dealing with SOX, HIPAA and SSAE Type I & II compliance initiatives.

SSAE Type II Compliancesecurity compliance standards

The SSAE Type II compliance process provides an independently audited review that ensures the processes a company represents to its customers’ are being followed. NetRiver maintains a SSAE Type II certification and offers a relevant data center for clients looking to complete their own SSAE designation. As a full service colocation provider, NetRiver makes auditable information relevant to its clients to the point necessary to complete their audited reviews.

HIPAA Compliance

The rules surrounding companies dealing with health information make it of paramount importance that a company understands how collocating their equipment within the data center can affect their liability with protected health information (PHI). The medical environment not only necessitates a high degree of uptime of the computing infrastructure, but also a firm understanding of the legal environment that exists when these companies choose to use a data center for their hosting needs. NetRiver has a large user base of HIPAA related companies who choose to use our data center for the high degree to uptime, as well as the ability to guarantee our standards meet those set forth under the Business Associate Agreement as defined by HIPAA.