Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS)

With two data centers on opposite ends of Washington, NetRiver offers its customers a hot site/warm site framework (disaster recovery ability) for geo-diverse data retention and storage needs. Customers may elect to use NetRiver-IaaS for any hardware/software needs as well as help in deployment of infrastructure when colocated equipment is desired. The two facilities are connected via a PTP fiber ring and replication traffic is passed across this private link. In the event of a failure of the primary facility (Lynnwood), the secondary facility (Spokane) becomes active via a separate ISP connection out of Spokane. The below diagram illustrates this setup:

Netriver Disaster Recovery

NetRiver also provides a hosted cloud model for geographically diverse backup needs


With onsite engineering resources and available staff, NetRiver provides an ideal environment to make use of Disaster Recovery. Often new equipment is needed and NetRiver provides an end to end approach to building and deploying the specific resources needed to make your business resilient in unforseen circumstances.

NetRiver Storage Plans: 7.2K; RAID 6

  • 250GB -> $150 per month
  • 500GB -> $250 per month
  • 1TB -> $350 per month
  • 2TB -> $600 per month

Cloud Storage solution for disaster recovery

Email sales@netriver.net to inquire further.