A Greener Data Center

Redundancy is not the only game NetRiver knows well. Data center efficiency is also a key metric and company focus. Throughout the infrastructure stack our systems are designed to leverage the best technologies with the greatest impact on minimizing our carbon footprint. It is our view that the most sustainable type of data center is one that operates with the lowest possible PUE. See what we have done to meet that commitment below:

Power isn’t just required for NetRiver, it’s the heart of its Data Center in Lynnwood



In 2008, NetRiver won a new contract which required its Lynnwood data center to expand and increase its power capacity from 800 W to 2.3 MW. With the help of Design Real Estate, Puget Sound Refrigeration, D. Hittle & Associates and Brunner Construction, NetRiver was able to make this happen by increasing the data center efficiency of existing systems, advancing innovative design and installing new energy efficient systems. The teams attention to detail and dedication were instrumental in making this expansion a reality. Some of the features include varying fan speed, reducing energy use by approximately 28 percent; tightly controlled humidity levels and ultrasonic humidification, delivering a 93 percent reduction in electrical usage as compared to traditional humidification alternatives; and varying chilled water pump flow to meet demand, reducing energy use by approximately 23 percent. In the end, the diligent collaboration among this team led to a data center with a projected energy savings of more than 1.5 million kWh or $110,000 a year.