High Efficiency HVAC Design

NetRiver uses overhead rack cooling in a hot aisle/cold aisle segmentation scheme to achieve high efficiency in HVAC design. Cold air is distributed from above and blown across the face of the server rack, while larger overhead ductwork rounds allow for higher CFM tolerances and subsequent cooling capabilities. Air handler stacks servicing the ductwork columns are spun up in series and in tandem to the point cooling is needed in front of the rack on the data center floor. The air handler stacks are redundant (N+1) and feed into a common ductwork plenum. Adjoining units will spin up to carry the additional load in the event of failure of any one unit.

Depending on outside temperature, these air handlers can directly filter and draw in cooler outside air or run off a redundant chilled water loop fed from Smardt Turbo core Chillers.  High efficiency Smardt turbo core chillers service the primary and redundant chiller requirements and operate in conjunction with a redundant pump section and variable frequency drives. To date, NetRiver operates with an average power utilization efficiency of 1.3 (PUE).

Diagram for hot-cold rows in NetRiver HVAC design

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