NetRiver Acquision Customer FAQ’s

1. Will I still have visibility into my services from the NetRiver website and customer portal? How will I login to the DCM?

-The NetRiver website will remain, it will simply redirect you to its new home where customers will still be able to log into the customer portal and ticketing system by following the link. The log in page will look different but current customer log in information will still be valid, and the back end will have all the same functions and visibility.

2. Is the billing procedure changing?

-No, Bytegrid will continue to bill you in the same way you are currently being billed.

3. Where should I be mailing checks to?

-If you have been submitting your monthly payments by mailing in checks, please now remit checks directly to:
Lynnwood Tech Depository
c/o KeyBank N.A.
PO Box 74731
Cleveland, OH 44194-4511

4. Where should I be submitting my electronic wire or direct deposit payments?

Lynnwood Tech Holdings LLC
routing# 041001039
account# 359681380515

5. How do I open up customer support tickets?

-The current email address will continue to work but will be redirected to The phone number for our NOC will still be the same: 425-741-7014

6. Are my current account management/sales changing? How do I contact them?

-No, account management and sales contacts at the Lynnwood and Spokane facilities will remain the same. All NetRiver email addresses will still work but will be redirected to the below Bytegrid email addresses. Replies to emails will also come from our Bytegrid email accounts.
Updated Contact Info:
Adam Vierra:
McKenzie Cienian:

7. Is my existing contract with NetRiver still valid?

Yes, existing contracts, billing metrics, and term expiration dates will be honored by Bytegrid.

8. How can I make changes or add services to my account?

Contact the above sales and account management contacts, or

9. Will I need a new access badge?

No, current access badges for the Lynnwood facility will still be usable.

10. Will there be any changes to the set up at the facility?

-The only changes at the facility will be positive enhancements to the look and amenities for our customers. We are also nearing completion of the upstairs offices and invite you to come and take a look at the new areas and work stations that are meant for our customers as well!